Week One

Well I got access to the OSCP Labs and Material on Sunday. I didn’t have any chance to look that day or on the Monday as I wasn’t feeling very well, however Tuesday I printed off the first 100 pages from the 375 page PDF document. I also downloaded the videos provided, I think there’s around 60-70.

Last night (Tuesday) was my first proper time studying the OSCP and looking through the material. I managed to skip the first 40 pages roughly as it was introduction, and basic things that I’d covered extensively before. The first section that I spent some time on was Linux Command and Shell Scripting. Things like outputting files but sorting it, removing certain items, filtering, etc… using commands cat, cut, grep, sort amongst others.

I had covered this quite extensively before and have done numerous shell scripts however I wanted to purposely slow down a bit and follow the guide properly. I completed the exercises and moved on.

I covered Netcat (nc) and completed the tasks of a bind shell, reverse shell and sending and receiving file (the latter was brand new to me as I had previously used other methods on compromised machines to transfer files. It was also great to start using a Windows Virtual Machine as the vast majority of my experience is in Linux. When you sign up to the OSCP you get access to a Windows 7 client which you connect to via remote desktop.

I stopped reading at this stage – around page 63 I think it was, and I went to the videos and watched about 20 of them up to the same point that I had read to. I am very very impressed with the videos as they are very short but straight to the point. Other technical videos seem to ramble on for about 20 minutes and then spend ages going over something simple. These videos are around 1-2 minutes, very clear, easy to watch and absorb.


The Plan is still to continue to read and watch the videos, doing the exercises and understanding the theory as much as I can. I’m hoping I can fully do this within 3 weeks. The 4th week I am off work for the whole week and hope to make a start with the actual lab work. That should give me just over two months solid study with the labs and hopefully enough time to compromise as many as I can and prepare for the exam as much as possible.


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